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Audio Technica 7 Piece Drum Mic Set


The PRO-DRUM7 Drum Pack includes a core selection of five microphones specifically engineered for kick, snare and tom drum applications, along with two microphones ideal for drum overhead miking. The PRO-DRUM7 pack gives you a complete set of drum microphones for live performance and home recording. All of the microphones in the pack one PRO 25ax hypercardioid kick drum mic, one PRO 63 cardioid snare mic, three PRO 23 cardioid floor/rack tom mics, and two AT2021 cardioid overhead mics feature a low-profile design for minimum visibility and versatile placement options around the drum kit. They are engineered to handle fast transients and high SPLs, and deliver superior off-axis rejection.



What's in the case?

Hire Price

Daily - £20
Weekly - £60

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