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Virtual Events


We ensure your presentations remain at the highest standard, even when your audience is viewing remotely.

Our technical staff can take care of the hard parts of delivering virtually, whether that is managing and monitoring your call or ensuring content is delivered at the right time, meanwhile, your audience doesn’t notice the difference.  Your event will be monitored in our control centre and then it can be pushed out from a central location via the internet to a secure, open-source platform, where your delegates can log in and view from any location around the globe.

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  • In House meetings – Sales meetings, team meetings, training. Key considerations are affordability, protections, security and branding

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  • Webinars – With one or more speakers, usually have audio and visual components which can include PowerPoints, videos or other media. These are typically relatively short in duration.

  • Conferences – Conferences can be complicated, they can include many different speakers, and have many moving parts. We can manage your conference, content and participants with ease.

  • Series Events - Can I host my event more than once? Yes of course you can!  We can provide a cost-effective solution for series training, regular meetings and series events.

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