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Repton Literary Festival | Episode 1

Updated: Nov 16, 2020


The Repton Literary Festival entered its third year in 2020. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic caused their plans had to be altered and it was decided that the physical festival had to be cancelled, and the event needed to move to a virtual platform.

Following the initial meeting our team offered an array of solutions for different scenarios. Presenters and guest speakers could both be remotely dialling in, the host could be in the hybrid event studio and the other could be remotely dialling in, or alternatively they could both be in the hybrid event studio.

The Delivery

Repton Literary Festival had the studio booked for a total of 1 day. Throughout this project, our team consisted of several different technical staff, including:

  • Vision Mix Technician

  • Sound Technician

  • Lighting Technician

  • Stream Technician

  • Producer

  • Autocue Operator

In the studio, we positioned one fixed camera on the presenter The guest speaker dialled in via Zoom and audio was routed to both the stream and allowed a 2 way conversation between the hybrid studio and the guest speaker.

To ensure the presenter was both happy and comfortable with the studio environment, they arrived early to practice with our team; within this session, we explained how the event would run and ran rehearsals.

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