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YMCA | Sleepout 2020

Updated: Nov 18, 2020


The YMCA sleepout has run in Burton for over 12 years with typically over 200 participants attending. Last year they raised over £50,000 for the charity! Due to the current circumstances, we were tasked to bring an 'in-person' event, delivered virtually to people's homes.

After agreeing the brief with the client, the team set off and began to execute our solution for their event, which included the use of our hybrid event studio.

The Delivery

The YMCA had the studio booked for a total of 2 days, including a day to pre-record and edit footage, and the live show day. Throughout this project, our team consisted of several different technical staff, including:

  • Camera Operator

  • Director

  • Video Editor

  • Vision Mix Technician

  • Sound Technician

  • Lighting Technician

  • Stream Technician

  • Producer

  • Autocue Operator

Due to a change of national restrictions, we had to adapt our original solution one week before the live stream. Parts of the night had to be pre-recorded in-advance so that we could limit the number of people we had on-site, with our in-house media company (Fat Tail Creative) supporting the YMCA by creating these videos. The videos were then edited and delivered ready for the stream.

In the studio, we positioned two fixed cameras which gave the team a variety of angles to use during the stream.

To ensure the presenter was both happy and comfortable with the studio environment, they arrived early to practice with our team; within this session, we explained how the event would run and ran rehearsals.

What Did The Client Say?

"During this global pandemic many of our fundraising events were postponed or cancelled, including our big annual fundraiser Sleepout. Working with Edd and his team at Scorpion Event Solutions and Fat Tail Creative, has enabled us to connect with our fundraisers during the Sleepout evening as we moved to a virtual level, plus allowing us to share our event with a whole new audience too.

They were entirely professional, creative and very knowledgeable and nothing was too much for them. We look forward to working with them again in the future and highly recommend the team."

Press Release

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